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Steel Grating

We has a proud ten year history designing and manufacturing steel gratings, welded, expanded and press-lock bar types, utilizing a diverse range of materials, such as galvanized steel, stainless steel and expanded metal. Made using high grades of raw material our range of products includes mild steel gratings, stainless steel gratings, metal bar gratings, welded gratings, dovetail pressure locked, riveted gratings, flat type bearing bar, serrated type bearing bar, twisted cross bearing bar, metal fasteners & bandings.
Features: Our products are better known for the qualities such as:
• High tensile strength
• Durability
• Cost effectiveness
• Can withstand extreme loads
• All our products meet the quality standards.
• Anti-corrosive nature and minimum carbide precipitation.
• Smooth clean look
Steel Grating : Steel Grating is made by stainless or mild steel of certain sizes through the processing of grooving, lock-pressure, welding, finishing and other treatment. Industrial bar gratings can be actually made from copper, aluminum and other materials, while galvanized steel grating is the mostly used one due to its economic cost and good property.

Steel grating, with robust design and spanning abilities, is very strong and safe for the support of floors and elevated walkway. It can be used for ceiling, interior decoration, decoration, platform aisle, ventilation windows, (Wells), advertising plaque and other construction.
The advantages, specific application and features of steel grating:
Steel grating offers the following advantages compared with steel grid sheets:
Steel grating has light weight, good strength, large carrying capacity and can save materials and cost. It offers good ventilation of light and wind, a modern sense, aesthetic appearance and anti-skid safety. It is also easy to clean, easy to installation and durable for uses.

Steel grating products are designed and manufactured for various industrial and civil constructions in city road, gardens, yard, airport, railway and industrial engineering.

  • Press-locked steel grating

  • Welded steel bar grating

  • I shape flat steel

  • serration flat steel

  • trench cover

  • steel grates with checkered plate

  • Appli cations of Press-locked steel grating

  • trench cover

  • Steel grates stairs

  • (steel grates ceilings
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